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Commercial work doesn’t always elicit praise for its eye-popping appeal like a tropical backyard paradise but it is a good indicator of the resources a company can bring to a project.  Whether it’s a large Olympic sized aquatic park, the canals running through a well known hotel in Las Vegas, or a small neighborhood cabana club, Adams Pool Solutions has the expertise and manpower to deliver any size project on time and on budget. 

Our commercial project superintendents have decades of experience working in the commercial aquatics realm and are intimately familiar with the unique challenges large commercial projects can present.  As the go-to contractor for nearly every single hotel on the Las Vegas strip we have encountered and overcome practically every roadblock imaginable.  We are one of the only companies capable of bringing in the manpower necessary to complete large scale projects within narrow completion windows.

As you review our list of completed projects, check our references and evaluate our capabilities and qualifications, we believe that Adams Pool Solutions will be the obvious choice for your commercial swimming pool project. 


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List of Projects

LD Element Hotel
Milpitas, CA
Project Scope: New Pool
Completed: March 2021
Value: $101K – $200K

Carlyle Apartments
Santa Clara, CA
Project Scope: Strip and Resurface, new plumbing and filtration equipment
Completed: February 2021
Value: $101K – $200K

Discovery Bay Community Pool
Discovery Bay, CA
Project Scope: Strip and Resurface
Completed: March 2021
Value: $101K – $200K
Delta Coves Island Camp
Bethel Island, CA
Project Scope: New Pool, Spa & Wader
Completed: January 2021
Value: >$501K
San Lorenzo Valley High School
Felton, CA
Project Scope: Strip and Surface
Completed: February 2021
Value: $101K – $200K
Borello Ranch Estates
Morgan Hill, CA
Project Scope: New Pool & Spa
Completed: January 2021
Value: >$501K

Cunningham Aquatic Complex
Vallejo, CA
Project Scope: Prepare pool Plan, permits, remove existing finish, repair cracks, remove pool expansion joint, hydraulically balance main drains, new lights, all masonry, white plaster, equipment updates, replace filter grates.
Completed: February 2021
Value: >$1M

Fountainhead Barden HOA
Martinez, CA
Project Scope: Strip and Resurface, new plumbing
Completed: September 2020
Value: $101K – $200K