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The Right Water Color is Just About Everything
Whether it’s a cove at Lake Tahoe or a lush tropical beach, the water sets the mood and choosing the ideal pool surface puts the perfect final touch on your backyard dream. From pool plaster’s unassuming yet enduring beginnings to state-of-the-art surface products like Pebble Plus ®, Pool Stone ® and Eco-Finish ®, Adams Pool Solutions has always been at the forefront, setting the trends for the industry with innovation and excellence.

In addition, we feature well known products like Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen®, Pebble Fina®, Finest Finish® products including the Island Series, Micro Fusion, Radiant Fusion, Hydrazzo®, Fiberglass and of course standard Pool Plaster with different crews specializing in each product application.


Colored Plaster

White Plaster

All Tile


How do I know what material to install in my pool? What’s the best surface for my pool? How long will it last? How much does it cost? All good questions because the options can seem overwhelming. Each product has its own pros and cons and some products will be better suited to your specific application. Regardless of the material you choose, we cannot overstate the importance of balanced water chemistry to maintain the appearance and longevity of your interior pool finish.


The industry standard since swimming pools first came into existence has been white plaster. Plaster is smooth to the touch and gives the pool the clean, light blue color we have come to associate with swimming pools. It is the least expensive option and while it has a proven track record, it is the material most susceptible to the natural erosive action of water.

Adams Pool Solutions White Plaster


The addition of pigment to white plaster provides a wide variety of color options to compliment any backyard design. The major drawback to colored plaster is that it accentuates the unevenness of the surface color and sometimes this effect can be dramatic right from the start. The color is rarely the exact shade anticipated and will fade over time. The industry has largely moved away from colored plaster.

Adams Pool Solutions Colored Plaster


Pebble finishes have evolved over the past thirty years and now dominate the pool finish industry. Small water washed pebbles in multiple colors mixed with colored cement are applied and then exposed with water to give you an extremely durable natural looking finish that maintains color consistency throughout the life of the pool. The surface is very resistant to the erosive action of water and is practically impervious to the normal fluctuations in water chemistry. Pebble products have a more textured feel but are actually not rough at all. These products carry an increased price; however, when you consider the substantial increase in longevity, the additional cost becomes much less of an issue.

Pool Stone, Beach Series, Pebble Tec


One of the newer innovations, the addition of colored pieces of ceramic sand or small colored glass beads to quartz based plaster has expanded the color palette while also increasing the hardness and durability of the finish. There are a number of variations of this product and some of them can increase the cost substantially. Extreme water chemistry conditions can be especially hard on this material.

Finest Finish, Pebble Fina


A more recent innovation, adding small multi-colored glass beads to the pebble surface adds a beautiful reflective quality to the surface. You get all the benefits of traditional pebble with the added pop of color along with a slight increase in cost over and above pebble.

Pebble Plus Beach Series, Pebble Plus Luminosity



Like the Eco-Finish, Fiberglass can only be applied over a smooth troweled surface. The major advantage of Fiberglass is its tensile strength. It is very useful as part of a repair system for a badly cracked pool. When combined with structural treatment of cracks in the pool shell, it provides flexural and expansive strength to help hold a broken pool shell together. It also forms an impermeable barrier so it can withstand extreme water chemistry conditions. Some object to the plastic looking finish of Fiberglass and it does come with a higher price but for some pools, it is the best solution.

Adams Pool Solutions Fiberglass


Eco-Finish is a polymer based finish that is rolled on to the substrate and then cured with a torch that instantly sets the material. The resultant surface is extremely smooth and completely impermeable to moisture. This makes it very resistant to fluctuations in water chemistry and very durable. Because EcoFinish goes on like a coat of paint, the substrate must be completely smooth so it can only be applied over a smooth troweled surface which limits its versatility. And while it provides many unique features, Eco-finish is almost at the top of the pricing range of all the interior surface options.



As good as the cement based interior surfaces are, they can’t compare to the beauty and richness of an all tile pool or spa interior. For the ultimate in indulgence combining luxury, durability, and a seemingly endless palette of colors and styles, an all tile interior is the supreme expression of your creativity. Perfect for the discerning client who expects the best the industry has to offer, an all tile interior surface gives you a flawless look that will retain its beauty and luster well beyond any other surface product on the market today.

Adams Pool Solutions All Tile

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