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Q. How long will it take to remodel my pool?

A. That depends on the extent of the work. With simple preparation and resurfacing only, your pool can be back operational in ten days or less.  Each additional step like masonry or plumbing, etc, will add more time.  Once we start though, we make it a priority to complete your project in the shortest time possible.

Q. Can the work be done in the wintertime?

A. The simple answer is yes.  Appropriate precautions are taken to prevent damage to the pool shell from hydrostatic pressure however most of our work is weather sensitive so you should anticipate weather related delays.

Q. Do I need a permit for my project?

A. Yes you do.  All the counties in the Bay Area require a building permit for any type of swimming pool project even if it is a simple replaster.  At the present time, most residential remodels in Las Vegas are done without a permit however that is likely to change in the future.

Q. Do you handle it or do I have to get the permit?

A. We will handle the application and procurement however you will be responsible for the cost of the permit itself.

Q. How long does the permit process take?

A. Each county is different, however, at the present time, they are all experiencing long delays in processing applications.  Currently, most counties are taking at least one month after submittal before their first review and it can easily be another six weeks before they issue the permit.  Clark county (Las Vegas) is currently experiencing similar delays.

Q. Can Adams Pool Solutions handle my entire pool project?

A. As the largest independent pool solutions company in the western United States, Adams Pool Solutions has the capability to handle just about every facet of the pool renovation or installation. With over 350 employees, a full service department, and a showroom that is a one-stop resource for the latest materials and construction techniques, we can handle your entire project, no matter how complex.

Q. Is Adams Pool Solutions fully licensed and insured?

A. We fulfill all licensing and insurance requirements for a construction business, including California and Nevada Contractor’s Licenses, Contractor’s Bond, Home Improvement Salesperson Licenses, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and Automobile Insurance.

Q. What are the newest trends and additions I may want to consider?

A. There are a number of new, exciting innovations in pool technologies – especially in automation, sanitation, and lighting as well as new interior surface and coping materials that are worth considering.  Structural changes like adding a spa or an automatic pool cover are other possibilities.  Contact one of our designers or visit our showroom to learn about the latest features and ideas trending now.

Q. Why choose a Pebble Plus® product over plaster?

A. Upgrade finishes such as Pebble Plus® are far more durable than plaster. They also create a lovely, more natural look that resembles a colorful mosaic of tiny pebbles or a rich granite surface. Pebble Plus® products are not only beautifully elegant, but also incredibly strong and stain resistant for enduring natural elegance.

Q. Are pebble surfaces rough?

A. The simple answer is no.  The exposed pebbles give the surface a textured feel but are no more prone to abrade skin than plaster.  Unlike the crushed sand used in plaster, the pebbles are made smooth and rounded by eons of running water.

Q. Do you offer financing?

A. Yes we do and we also take all major credit cards. We also offer financing through LendKey.  Talk to your designer for more information.

Q. What about the availability of water?

A. Water is available to fill your pool and studies have shown that the construction and remodeling of swimming pools does not contribute to water shortages. The only thing that uses less water than a covered swimming pool is dirt or concrete. Every pool filled in the Bay Area over the course of a year amounts to less than 3% of overall water use for just ONE DAY! This is the equivalent of three drops of water in a five gallon bucket!

Q. Will my city or county impose restrictions on the use of water?

A. At the present time, none are anticipated. Six years ago when we faced another year of drought conditions, we provided statistical analysis to every municipality in the Bay Area proving that restricting the filling of swimming pools was of no value towards water conservation and every one of them rescinded any ban or restriction they had on water for pools.