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About Us

In-house construction crews with decades of experience are the backbone of who we are.

As Adams Pool Solutions approaches its seventh decade in business, our success and longevity have been a story of perseverance and innovation.  Adapting to an ever growing marketplace and leading the way with the introduction of cutting edge industry altering products, Adams Pool Solutions is the perfect choice for all your swimming pool construction needs.  Whether it’s a new swimming pool or a complete reimagination of your existing pool, our committed professionals have the knowledge and expertise to turn your aquatic dream into reality.

Our Team

Our company is more than the sum of its parts but it is the parts of our company that tell the real story.  Those parts are the 340 individuals who through their experience, hard work, and dedication to excellence make us what we are today.  We are the sales staff, designers, plumbers, electricians, masons, plasterers, superintendents, administrators, and managers that show up every day committed to provide quality craftsmanship and unrivaled customer service.  We are the more than 50 employees who are in our third decade with the company.  We are the sons who worked alongside our fathers and learned the value and satisfaction of a job well done.

Leading by example, we have assembled a staff of the finest pool professionals and craftsmen in the country.  By providing a work environment that honors their craft and encourages creativity, we have our pick of the finest tradesmen in the industry.  Their decades of combined experience make Adams Pool Solutions the obvious choice for your swimming pool project.


Pride in a job well done is everything and is handed down through generations at Adams.

Building on a work ethic established by Earl Adams in 1953, Earl Adams Tile & Coping as we were known then, has navigated a growth oriented course that has taken us to a position of dominance in the swimming pool industry.  We changed our name to Adams Pool Solutions in 1990 and have since become the largest swimming pool contractor in California as well as the largest and most successful pool remodeling company in the country with more than 1200 projects completed each year.

Working from the property we purchased in 1974 we broadened our work scope to include pool plastering in 1976, pool remodeling and pebble finishes in 1990, the expansion of our operation to Las Vegas in 1994 and the acquisition of Royal Pools and Corby Pools in 2012.  That same year we also established our own line of pebble pool surfaces called Pebble Plus® that have become the standard of the industry.

Along the way we have earned the distinction of being named number one in the country in customer service in an independent survey by the nation’s leading swimming pool trade publication as well as consistently ranking in the top ten swimming pool contractors nationally. 

Whether it is a simple resurfacing or an Olympic sized project built from “the ground down,” each and every one of us is committed to the belief that there is no one better suited or more worthy of your trust than Adams Pool Solutions.