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Adams Pool Solutions faced a unique challenge with a client who wanted a complete pool refurbishment with new tile & coping, equipment and finish. In addition the client wanted to add a new built in spa, sun shelf and add an automatic pool cover.

The primary requirements were:

Design and Planning:

  • Prepare comprehensive pool refurbishment plans including permits and regulatory approvals.
  • Design the layout for adding new features such as a spa, sun shelf, and automatic pool cover.

Renovation and Repair:

  • Execute the removal of existing tile and coping, as well as finish.
  • Repair any structural damages including cracks and leaks.

Enhancements and Upgrades:

  • Implement upgrades such as new lights, coping, tile, masonry, and pebble finish.
  • Install new equipment and technology updates, including an automatic pool cover system.



The pool itself was leaking and had several structural cracks that needed repair. A leaking swimming pool can lead to various problems, including water loss, increased utility bills, and potential damage to surrounding structures due to excess water. Additionally, pool leaks can compromise the pool’s structural integrity over time, leading to costly repairs if left unaddressed. Adams Pool Solutions knew straight away that this was a priority in the successful outcome for the project, and were able to repair the structural cracks using proper engineering protocols.

The Process

First, the old coping, tile and plaster finish were removed with state of the art hydro blasting equipment. Water Jetting, or Hydro-Blasting as it is sometimes called, is the future of surface preparation. Used by many industries to clean a variety of surfaces, the system uses a diesel driven compressor to create a 40,000 PSI stream of water that completely pulverizes the existing plaster surface.

Independent engineering studies have concluded that Water Jetting is the best process to remove the surface material while preserving the integrity of substrate.

The new spa and sun shelf were built using new steel, adding additional plumbing and bubbler jets, formed and shotcrete, as was the pool cover vault. Next was the installation of new tile, fun tile mosaics, coping, fittings, pool equipment followed by a new pebble pool finish. Lastly, the new automatic pool cover was fitted into place.

The Adams Pool Touch

With 70 years of pool remodel experience, Adams Pool Solutions was the obvious choice to handle a project of this size.  With our long history as a swimming pool remodeling contractor it has taught us a few things about pool construction. We’ve gone from simple re plasters to complete pool replacement and everything in between.

As the largest independent pool solutions company in the western United States, Adams Pool Solutions has the capability to handle just about every facet of the pool renovation or installation.

Today we use our own crews for all phases of the job unless the work involves gunite or concrete flat work. Our control over the quality of the work as well as scheduling has helped us to build an impressive body of satisfied customers. Every project has an onsite project supervisor whose primary goal is to build a quality product and ensure your complete satisfaction.

With our state-of-the-art surface preparation process, countless design options, and the latest energy saving automation, pool remodeling just got a whole lot easier.

Contact us today at Adams Pool Solutions and get yourself a free quote for your pool renovation project. With over 350 employees, a full service department, and a showroom that is a one-stop resource for the latest materials and construction techniques, we can handle your entire project, no matter how complex.